Elektronische Medien sichtbar machen III

Elektronische Medien sichtbar machen III

SciFinder – A powerful discovery tool for chemistry
SciFinder provides access to the complete CAS database and is updated daily.

You may, for example, query SciFinder to answer one of these questions:

  • What are the chemical properties of a substance?
  • How can I make a specific chemical?
  • Is there patent protection?
  • Are there regulatory restrictions?
  • Where can I get the reagents?
  • What’s the most relevant chemistry literature?

To access the database, first-time users need to apply to the library (elke.bubel@leibniz-inm.de) for a login.

CAS offers some getting-started information:

If you’re interested in a SciFinder training session, please get in touch with the library. We’ll be glad to arrange an appointment with an expert for you.